Godville is a zero-player game, which means it does not require interaction from the player for the game to progress. In the game, there is the hero-character, who is a non-player character, and there is the god-character, who is played by the player.


 The hero is a religious fanatic who uses a diary to communicate with the god, and occasionally needs a sign of the god’s existence; the player uses the god-character to influence the hero negatively or positively. This influence comes in the form of rewards or punishments, or the god can speak directly to the hero.




 The game is a role-playing game, meaning the hero will defeat monsters, find and use treasure and items, and sometimes lose to monsters and unfriendly non-player characters. Over time, the hero levels up and learns special skills, and has his own personality as a result of his adventuring, as well as his interaction with the god.


 The game provides some items with enhanced abilities which the hero can use only with the god’s involvement; the hero will sell these items even if they do “have some marvelous effect”.The hero can also have a pet companion. 

The game allows some limited player-vs-player interaction: the god can have the hero duel other heroes. The hero who wins takes some coins from the losing hero as well some of his items.

The game has day and night themes. After a period of time playing the game, the game enables the player to review the most-important events the hero has participated in since the last time the player checked the game.